What can you do if you find out an employee has a criminal conviction? Episode 105

What can you do about undeclared convictions of existing employees? In this episode of the podcast I answer a question from a podcast listener with regards to criminal convictions and what you can do if you find an employee has a conviction you did not know about, which, whilst it does not impact on their […]

When does sleeping time count for the National Minimum Wage? Episode 104

Do you have to pay the National Minimum Wage for time an employee is sleeping? In this episode of the podcast I cover the high profile case of Mencap v Tomlinson-Blake within which the Court of Appeal decided the question of whether employers have to pay the National Minimum Wage for every hour the employee […]

A focus on Unfair Dismissal decisions: Episode 103

Unfair Dismissal Cases from the Employment Tribunal In this episode of the podcast I have reviewed a couple of employment tribunal decisions which have been published on the government website. It is a great way to get an understanding of what the Tribunals around the country will consider when looking at a claim for unfair […]

Pimlico Plumbers Case – Supreme Court Case: Episode 102

What is the difference between a ‘Worker’ and a ‘Self-Employed’ person? In this episode of the podcast I cover the recent high profile case against Pimlico Plumbers in the Supreme Court. This is just one of many cases making the way through the Tribunal and Court system concerning the new ‘gig’ economy workers and establishing […]

Unfair Dismissal Case, Employment Tribunal Delays & Sickness in Pregnancy: Episode 101

Can an employer fairly dismiss an employee for serious misconduct without any warnings? In this episode of the podcast I cover a couple of points including a recent Appeal Tribunal case about unfair dismissal, an update on delays in the Employment Tribunal and a question answered about pregnancy and sickness. In this episode I will cover: […]

Grievances: Guidance for Employers – Part 4

Employee Grievances: Part 4 Frequently Asked Questions This episode of the podcast is the final in a mini series focusing on Grievances and how to deal with them. I cover some of the Frequently Asked Questions about grievance investigations and processes. In this episode I will cover:  Does the employee who raises a grievance have […]

National Minimum Wage & Constructive Dismissal Claim: Episode 96

Can an employee rely on the failure to pay National Minimum Wage to claim constructive unfair dismissal? In this episode of the podcast I cover a case, which is rather unusual, in that an employee was paid just 33p per hour. When she resigned and claimed constructive unfair dismissal her claims were initially unsuccessful as […]

A speedy resolution to disputes and difficult situations with employees: Episode 95

What can an employer do to resolve issues without lengthy procedures?  In this episode of the podcast I run through the procedure for trying to resolve issues with employees without the need for lengthy procedures particularly when you have not already done anything about it previously. In this episode I will cover: The options available; […]

What can a manager do when an employee has raised a grievance about them? Episode 94

What can a manager do to assert their authority and continue to manage an employee who has a grievance against them?  In this episode of the podcast I attempt to answer a great question from a listener about the practicalities of managing someone who has raised a grievance against you in response to your addressing performance […]

When does an employer have constructive knowledge of disability? Episode 93

Will an employer be expected to know an employee is disabled if the occupational health report says otherwise?  In this episode of the podcast I cover a case from the Court of Appeal which has dealt with this question and the broader issue of an employer’s constructive knowledge of disability and when this triggers the […]

GDPR: Questions Answered – Episode 91

Answers to some questions you may have about the GDPR  Following on from the last two podcast episodes (episode 89 and episode 90) I round off this mini series on the GDPR and provide you some of the questions that have arisen in discussion and from my own enquiries for my business. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) […]

Sexual Harassment at Work: Episode 88

What is Sexual Harassment? & How does the law protect people in the UK? Following recent news about the long running and high profile allegations of sexual harassment against Harvey Weinstein in the US there has been a lot of coverage in the media about sexual harassment and harassment in the workplace. With this coverage has […]

Suspension at work: Case Examples – Episode 87

Examples of cases involving suspension at work Following the last two episodes in which I covered suspending employees I have compiled some cases involving suspension at work to give you some examples of the facts and circumstances. In this episode I will cover: Camden and Islington Mental Health and Social Care Trust v Atkinson UKEAT/0058/07 […]

Should you suspend employees pending criminal proceedings?

What are an employers options when an employee is charged with a criminal offence? Should they suspend indefinitely?  Following the last episode in which I covered suspending employees I have been contacted by a listener who raised some great questions about suspending employees when there are criminal allegations either related to work or behaviour outside of […]

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