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Does an employer have to postpone a disciplinary hearing pending the outcome of a police investigation?

Dealing with disciplinary issues This was the question before the Court of Appeal in the case of North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust v Gregg. The Law Where an employee’s alleged misconduct is also the subject of a police investigation, the question arises as to whether the employer should put on hold the disciplinary action […]

How can you increase your chances of attracting the best job applicants?

Recruiting the right staff is not as easy as you may think! Most of the big decisions we make today begin with an online search whether we’re booking a holiday, buying a house or looking for a date. Each, of these industries have their own specific search engines, which are  used over generic search engines […]

Dismissal for Some Other Substantial Reason or SOSR

When can you dismiss an employee for Some Other Substantial Reason? Some other substantial reason or SOSR is a potentially fair reason to dismiss an employee and as you can probably tell by the words ‘some other’ it is designed to cover those scenarios that may not already be covered by the other 4 potentially […]

Changing Employee Terms and Conditions: A Quick Guide

Changes to Employment Contract Terms There may be times that arise where you need to make a change to employee terms and conditions, such as hours, place of work, job description etc. On most occasions the changes are easy as they will be agreed, for example increases to wages or salary. Other times the changes […]

Top tips for reducing staff turnover & retaining the best staff

Having a high turnover of staff can be costly in terms of both time and money and can prevent growth of a business. It is an issue faced by many businesses and is usually indicative that there are management problems within the organisation. The impact of high turnover of staff includes: • Recruitment costs; • […]

Detrimental Treatment of Part-Time Workers

Part time worker discrimination  It is not that often that we get a discrimination case under the Part Time Workers Regulations 2000, perhaps because most employers are familiar with the “pro rata” principle whereby part time workers’ pay and benefits should be proportionate to that of full time workers, based on the number of hours […]

How getting ACAS Early Conciliation wrong can be fatal for a claim: Episode 81

The Pitfalls of ACAS Early Conciliation  In this weeks’ episode I tell you about a case involving an employee who represented himself and mistakenly put the wrong employer on his Early Conciliation application. In this episode I will cover: The facts of the case; Background to the introduction of ACAS Early Conciliation; How an employees […]

Early Conciliation Timing: Episode 64

Does the Early Conciliation process apply to claims that happen after the certificate is issued? In this weeks’ episode I bring you the details of a case which has recently been decided by the Employment Appeal Tribunal regarding the Early Conciliation process which is mandatory in the majority of employment tribunal cases. In this case Mrs Morgan […]

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