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Making it tricky for employees to “pull a sickie”

Managing Sickness Absence Picture the scene.  It’s Friday and it’s the middle of August.  You get into work bright and early.  There’s a busy day ahead but you know all your staff are going to be in and that together you will get the job done.  Then you get the call:  “I’m sorry boss, I […]

Managing Sickness Absence

Do you have grounds to dismiss an employee who has lied about their sickness absence? In this case an employee who misrepresented the severity of his injury was caught on camera by his employer and subsequently dismissed. The Law In order to fairly dismiss an employee an employer must have one of 5 potentially fair […]

Can we dismiss an employee for sickness absence if the employee has a disability?

  Dismissing an employee: Sickness Absence   This is a question which I am asked on a regular basis by employers, who want to dismiss an employee for sickness absence,  and employees who have been dismissed. There is a common misconception that an employer has to continue to employ a disabled employee regardless of sickness […]

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