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Should holiday pay include a payment for voluntary overtime?

Another case about holiday pay! This case decided by the Court of Appeal is one of a long line about holiday pay and how it is calculated. We have reported on many of the past cases and within this case the Court of Appeal give a clear decision taking into consideration the cases which come […]

Holiday Entitlement for term time workers

Should you pro-rata holiday entitlement and pay for those workers who only work part of the year? In a recent case decided by the Court of Appeal the issue of term time workers and their entitlement to holiday was scrutinised. The outcome should simplify things for employers who have term time or part year workers. […]

Holiday Pay: What is Rolled Up Holiday Pay?

It is common practice for employers to pay employees on zero-hour contracts and some seasonal workers for their holiday rather than giving them allocated paid holiday time.This normally takes the form of payments on a monthly basis so that the accrued holiday entitlement is calculated at the end of the month and included with normal […]

If an employee doesn’t take all of their statutory holiday entitlement in a leave year, do they lose it?

Not necessarily, held the European Court of Justice in the recent case of Max-Planck-Gesellschaft v Shimizu. The Law In the UK, employees have a statutory right to 28 days paid holiday per year. This right is derived from the European Working Time Directive and all member states of the European Union introduced legislation to give […]

Holiday Pay & Commission: Lock v British Gas

How much should you be paying an employee during their holiday?  Following a number of cases about holiday and holiday pay, the Employment Appeal Tribunal have given their judgement on one of the leading cases on this subject. The Law The entitlement to holiday and holiday pay are set out in UK law in the […]

Commission & Holiday Pay: Easyjet

Easyjet decide to change their holiday pay policy You will no doubt be aware by now of the ongoing issue with regards to how holiday pay is calculated and whether it should include payments like commission and bonus payments. The issue arose following a series of cases on holiday pay most notably Mr Lock v […]

Commission and Holiday Pay

  How to calculate Holiday Pay: with or without commission? Following a series of recent cases about Holiday pay the issue of commission has been returned from Europe to the local Tribunal to decide whether commission needs to be added to holiday pay. The Law UK laws governing the right to paid holiday in the […]

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