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Worker Status & the ‘Gig’ Economy: Addison Lee Drivers

This is another case in a long line of cases making their way through the Employment Tribunal system about the status of persons who are working in the ‘gig’ economy. This time it involves the drivers who work for Addison Lee. The Law There are currently three status that someone who works for you can […]

Does someone who provides services through a ‘service company’ have employment rights?

Can someone be an employee if they provide “services” through a service company? Yes, on the facts of the recent High Court case of Sprint Electric Ltd v Buyer’s Dream Ltd and another. The Law The law currently distinguishes between three categories of persons: • Employee. • Worker. • Self-employed independent contractor. The distinction in employment […]

Zero-Hour Contracts and Discrimination Rights

Can an employee compare their zero-hour contract with a full-time contract for the purposes of a part-time workers discrimination claim? In a recent case decided by the Employment Appeal Tribunal the question of zero-hour contracts and discrimination was considered. The case is Mr P Roddis v Sheffield Hallam University. The Law Part-Time workers, under the […]

Can an employees claim be struck out by the Employment Tribunal for speaking to the media?

Rules of procedure and evidence in the Employment Tribunal In a recent case decided by the Employment Appeal Tribunal they considered the rules of evidence and an employee’s conduct whilst under oath in the Employment Tribunal. The Law When giving evidence in the Employment Tribunal a witness is required to swear an oath on the […]

Expectation to work long hours gave rise to duty to make reasonable adjustments

In the case of United First Partners Research v Carreras [2018] an expectation that an employee would work long hours was found to be a provision, criterion or practice for the purposes of bringing a disability discrimination claim for failure to make reasonable adjustments. The Law The Equality Act 2010 (EqA 2010) imposes a duty […]

Top tips for reducing staff turnover & retaining the best staff

Having a high turnover of staff can be costly in terms of both time and money and can prevent growth of a business. It is an issue faced by many businesses and is usually indicative that there are management problems within the organisation. The impact of high turnover of staff includes: • Recruitment costs; • […]

When does the weekly 24-hour rest period have to be given to workers?

Working Time: Rest Breaks In the case of Maio Marques da Rosa v Varzim Sol, the question of when a worker is entitled to take their weekly 24-hour rest break was considered. The Law Under the EC Working Time Directive (2003/88) (the WTD) a worker is entitled to a 24-hour uninterrupted rest period “per each […]

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