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Expectation to work long hours gave rise to duty to make reasonable adjustments

In the case of United First Partners Research v Carreras [2018] an expectation that an employee would work long hours was found to be a provision, criterion or practice for the purposes of bringing a disability discrimination claim for failure to make reasonable adjustments. The Law The Equality Act 2010 (EqA 2010) imposes a duty […]

Top tips for reducing staff turnover & retaining the best staff

Having a high turnover of staff can be costly in terms of both time and money and can prevent growth of a business. It is an issue faced by many businesses and is usually indicative that there are management problems within the organisation. The impact of high turnover of staff includes: • Recruitment costs; • […]

When does the weekly 24-hour rest period have to be given to workers?

Working Time: Rest Breaks In the case of Maio Marques da Rosa v Varzim Sol, the question of when a worker is entitled to take their weekly 24-hour rest break was considered. The Law Under the EC Working Time Directive (2003/88) (the WTD) a worker is entitled to a 24-hour uninterrupted rest period “per each […]

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