Unfair Dismissal: An Introduction Episode 1

October 9, 2015 by joe

The start of a 6 part mini series focusing on Unfair Dismissal Episode 1: What is Unfair Dismissal? This weeks’ episode of the podcast is an introduction to the law regarding unfair dismissal. This is the first of 6 episodes that will focus on all of the key aspects of unfair dismissal, including everything you […]


Victimisation, Discrimination and Association: Episode 33

October 2, 2015 by joe

Can an employee claim victimisation as a result of association?  This weeks’ episode of the podcast features the case of Mr Thompson, a bus driver, against his employer the London Central Bus Company. Mr Thompson was subject to disciplinary action which he alleged was as a result of his association with other employees who had […]


Is travel time, ‘Working time’? : Episode 32

September 18, 2015 by joe

Will Working Time include time spent travelling from home to the first job of the day for mobile workers? This weeks’ episode of the podcast features the case of Federación de Servicios Privados del sindicato Comisiones Obreras v Tyco Integrated Security SL and another, a European Court of Justice case about what constitutes working time […]


The New Fit for Work Scheme: Episode 31

September 11, 2015 by joe

The Fit For Work Referral Scheme Launches for Employers Monday 7th September 2015 saw the roll out of the new Fit for Work Scheme for Employers to make referrals about their employees who are absent on sick leave. In this weeks episode I give you a run down on how it will work. In this […]


Employment Law News Round Up: Episode 30

September 4, 2015 by joe

A round up of Employment Law in the News There have been several topics in the news recently which I will touch upon and bring you more information and my opinion in this weeks’ episode. In this episode I will cover: The proposal to abolish Employment Tribunal Fees in Scotland. The outcome of Unisons challenge […]


An interview with Nicole Le Maire: Episode 29

August 28, 2015 by joe

  Nicole Le Maire  – CEO of The People Engine & Co-Author of The Female Leader In this weeks’ episode of the Podcast I interview Nicole Le Maire a global HR professional who runs her own business. About Nicole Nicole is the proud CEO of The People Engine Ltd. with the brands New to HR […]